Antti Ritvanen

Product Development Director

I graduated with distinction from Aalto University in Biomedical Engineering with focus in implantology, but have studies also from Systems Analysis. I also studied in TU Munich and worked in Bern University. Enthusiasm about implantology and the fact that bone shape can be drastically altered with Distraction Osteogenesis (DO) keeps me hooked, and in this project it has led me deep in the methodologies of DO and limb lengthening. As a researcher I organized clinical investigations to gather material for my research. 

Down the road with SYNOSTE I have worked hands on bridging the gap between R&D and clinicians, organizing clinical trials and research and take care of quality, submissions and compliance with regulations. Recently my focus has shifted more towards managing product development of SYNOSTE and developing clinical usability of our products, while the previous responsibilities are still close to my heart. My other passions are sailing and hiking in Lapland.

My journey with SYNOSTE